Nikon DSLR D5000

Nikon has unveiled the D5000 upper-entry-level DSLR and we've prepared a full preview of the camera and its features. Sitting between the D60 and D90, the D5000 appears to go head-to-head with Canon's EOS 500D, aiming at upgrading DSLR owners and experienced compact users. It combines many of the features of the D90 in a slightly smaller, simpler body and includes a 12.3 MP CMOS sensor, live view, 720p movies and a 2.7 inch, 180 degree Tilt/Swivel LCD.

Yihaa...yihaa.....wa udah miliki...pada 20 Disember 2009...

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Anonymous said...

hai..(sambil tunjuk 2tpk tgn..)thniah sobab da miliki kemre baru..model baru..mahal tu..korang2pn tigo ompet ribu..botuldak..pakcik pulak bru boli teropong baru..hargonyo 4ribu..buleh kalis baju..transparen yo..eko ado laie duit..pokcik nak pinjam 500 nk boli cerminmato pulok..tigoompek ribu tu kalu eko bli rantai omas sebosa lipan dewaso yo..mesti makcik2 tompek kejo eko jeles..iyolah smt tgkap gamba ngn kemre baro eko tu..den nk gi teropong ni..

---ridz--- said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
---ridz--- said...

wow nikon D5000 seh,,,
cikgu pinjam bleh..huhuhu

Razali said...

Wow.. Simply great camera to work with.

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